Elizabeth Winslow
April 23, 2019 | Elizabeth Winslow

Summer time is coming!

Who’s ready for summer?

We are back to school from spring break vacation. It was so nice doing absolutely nothing for a week. I know, I know most of my mom friends were dying to send their kids back to school and I have a kid who is very reliant on routine so it can get tricky in our house.  But not having to wake the kids up and drive them to school, pick them up, and run to one sporting event to another was wonderful. Also, it was nice having my kids home and doing fun, spontaneous things with them like going to the beach.  It was amazing coming home and letting them play outside until the sun went down while I enjoyed a nice glass of Rose’, and we all know how much I like my Rose’.  It just gave me a glimpse into the summer time. Summer will be here soon enough, and we can all enjoy those summer nights perhaps with a glass of Mother’s Retreat Wine!

Cheers my Wino’s


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