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April 25, 2019 | Elizabeth Winslow

Homework day

Homework day’s

Who here hates homework? I do and I don’t.  I understand they need it to help reinforce their understanding of what goes on in the classroom but sometimes it feels like so much.  I am sure its because of all the extra activities we put kids in these days but most of the time its because the kids want to do those extra activities. 

Between school getting out at 2-3pm, at least an hour of homework each night (some times more depending on your kid), sports, getting them to bed at a decent time so they are ready for school the next day and not to mention reading at a minimum of 15-20mins, what time is there to be a kid? What time is there for us to enjoy them being a kid? I mean just rereading that makes my head spin, right?

Today, Thursday, we usually must have all our school work done to turn in by Friday. And do you see how I said OUR??? Yes, it is OUR school work because, we as moms take the hits if the kid doesn’t do or half asses his/her homework. One of my kids put off doing a big part of his homework. I was fine with it and kept reminding him that by today he would have a lot to do before track practice. He kept reassuring me that ‘yes mom, I’ll do it Thursday and not make a fuss about it’.  Well that brings us to today… Can anyone guess what happened when I told him he had to finish it before track otherwise no track practice?? I bet if you’re a mom you are screaming out the answer now. Yes, you guessed it.  A total meltdown tantrum.  Ugh, why oh why do I insist on doing this to myself. After almost an hour of him crying and me pulling teeth to get him to do one page my husband said, ‘let me take him to track because noting is getting done’. I wanted to throw my shoe at my husband and scream ‘because if he goes then everything I’ve said means nothing and he will do this again and again and again dummy’.  But instead I smiled and looked outside, took a deep breathe and said ‘yes, go and have fun’.

As they left, I sat there wondering why we put so much pressure on ourselves to make sure everything is perfect.  I mean I know, don’t back down or else they will see your weakness blah blah blah.  But do I like sitting here watching him cry over a stupid assignment that when he’s in the mood can finish in ten minutes?? No! Do our kids really need to make every practice? Do they always have to do their homework at that moment? Where is the fun?? When do they get to play and be kids? Better question is when do we get to enjoy them at this stage of their lives?? TODAY!

So, they left, and I told my other kids ‘lets go outside, get dirty and play’. Something I have to remember is that life goes so fast so I need to take those days and be selfish with my kids more.  Screw homework/sports/other activities occasionally. I won’t regret time spent together.


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