Elizabeth Winslow
October 29, 2018 | Elizabeth Winslow

Our First Event

So last week we hosted our very first event with Fit4Mom of Thousand Oaks.  I have to be honest, even though I have known this group for a long time and I owe a lot to these ladies for their constant support and love, I was so nervous!!
For the past 8 years all I have known is the mom life.  I took a step back from professional work when I became a mom.  I am super good at talking with kids and babies, changing diapers, laundry, and all that has to do with kids, but talking to other adults about something that we have created and trying to sound professional, well that is scary!
 These women were great! It reminded me why we created this wine and this brand in the first place. Everyone tried the wine and loved it, but most importantly they were able to get out of the house and have some much needed 'them' time.
I was able to speak to most of them throughout the night and hear about their lives, the daily struggles they go through, and what they do to make time for themselves.  Fit4Mom is a fitness group for moms.  They have classes M-Sat where you bring your children in the stroller and do hard but fun workouts.  They have even expanded it to 5:45am classes for those mom's that want that extra push and take their alone time.  It was truly inspiring hearing how some of these women make it to each class and do the 5am classes as well. 
I owe a lot to Fit4Mom because when my third child was 6months old (about 4 years ago) I never thought I could leave the house and felt really alone in the mom world.  Then I was introduced to Fit4Mom and I instantly got a village.  It gave me confidence and helped me through some tough mom times.  Every mom needs a village and the only way to find your village is to do the something you want/ wanted to do.  There is always an excuse not to do something that you want to do but you will never regret doing it and always regret not doing it.  So let go of the excuses and make time for you! Cheers


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