Elizabeth Winslow
November 3, 2018 | Elizabeth Winslow

Pick and Choose

Life is a big balancing act. If you pick to do one thing then chances are you must give up another thing. Being a mom, we make these ‘sacrifices’ daily. “Hmm do I fold the NEVER-ENDING laundry or start prepping for dinner?” or “Should I give the twins a bath or do the dishes?”. We only have so many hours in the day and even though some days are endless it still isn’t enough time to get to everything. One thing that I am learning more and more in my life is what are the things that can wait over the things that are of importance. This has taken me so much time to figure out but the older my kids get the clearer it has become to me. Here is an example: Laundry vs. playing soccer with your kid when they ask- laundry will always be there an we will always have something to wear because we have more clothing then we actually need so it doesn’t need to be done right away, but when your kid asks for your to kick around the ball and play some soccer that really cannot wait because the older they get the less likely they will ask and you will miss that opportunity. Plus, what is ten mins out of your day really? Another example: work vs. your ‘you’ time- Technology is a blessing but, its probably the worst thing ever. People used to go to work then come home and that would be the end of the work day. In todays world people come home from work to work more from home, on their computers, cell phones, etc. Work is never ending and there is always more to do and its interfering with family time and you down time. Both are important, and we are not getting enough of either. We’ve ‘scarified’ our personal time for what, more stress, working hard for the same pay, ensuring that we will be grumpy?? This shouldn’t be the sacrifices we make. When you get home, you should turn your phone off, put your computer away, leave the tv off, for at least an hour and go do something for you! Go out on a jog, bike ride, walk, or go read a book, paint your nails, take a long shower or go grab a drink with a friend of loved one. You should do something or anything for you. What’s an hour in the grand scheme of things? If people call, they will leave a message and guess what those emails will still be there in an hour. Remember if you can’t take care of yourself then you can’t take care of anyone else. Take that time for you and your family. Until next time, Cheers.


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