Elizabeth Winslow
May 25, 2019 | Elizabeth Winslow

Family Vacation


Hey everyone! We just got back from a wonderful family vacation! It was so nice to get away from school and take a break from taxiing kids from school to sporting events. It also helps that we were in Hawaii, the land of relaxation and sun. 

Having a big family means we always must be careful about our spending. Everything seems to get more expensive and our income seems to stay the same or increases at a slow rate. We have learned to be frugal over the years.  

We could easily have skipped the vacation, saved the money, and put it towards basic day to day bills, but then we wouldn’t get those memories. Money comes and goes but time doesn’t.  It just goes and then it’s gone.  Taking those vacations and spending time with loved ones is always worth it.  Its good for your mind, body and soul.  Maybe a big vacation like Hawaii isn’t realistic right now but you can always make mini ones happen.

Till next time.

Cheer’s my Wino’s




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