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April 19, 2019 | Elizabeth Winslow

Funny spring morning

Hello my MR wine-es,

Hope you all have been well and are enjoying this spring weather.  I apologize for my absence. Life happened and kid sports. Of course that means so much extra work, late dinners, more meal planning, trying to figure out when in the world can the kids get their homework done, etc. I am now finally coming up for air and hopefully will be more consistent. Maybe. Hmm. I will do my best haha.

So funny thing happened this morning. The kids are on spring break and my husband has the day off because it is Good Friday. What does spring break mean for a mom??? It means nothinhg, just another day but you aren't bound by the timeline of school drop offs and pick ups.  So, a more relaxing morning becasue we dont HAVE to be anywhere. Does that mean I get to sleep in? NO, of course not hahah, sleep in hahah whats that.

Anyway, I went downstairs and started my normal breakfast prep and my oldest had asked me to make pancakes for breakfast.  I made a batch and as the kids trickled down the stairs, I gave them a milk and pancake.  After taking my husband his morning coffee in bed, he finally came downstairs. I decided to take advantage of him being home and told him I was going to go for a run. 

At this point, all of my kids except for one had come down and had breakfast.  I said to my husband "hey, I am going for a run and everyone is awake except Maddison. Can you make sure she gets a milk and give her a pancake when she gets up?". OH MY GOSH, guys if you had seen his face when I said this... I should have taken a picture! It was so funny becasue his face was confused, shocked, and giving me a questioning look.  He then responded with "wait I have to make her a pancake...ummm, ok....wait with what?" I figured I would let him suffer and think that he actually has to make her pancakes instead of telling him that I had some ready for her. This went on for a few mintures and it was so funny watching him panic.  I finally told him that he didn't have to make anything and it was all ready to go for him. The relief that washed over his face was priceless.  But man was that fun! Great joke to play on your husbands! Maybe next time I will tell him he has to do the laundry for the week....hahahhaha.                                                                                                                                                                             I will definitely have a glass of MR Rose' tonight!









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