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Mother's Retreat

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A wine lovingly created for mothers, by a mother, and her desire to celebrate the everyday accomplishments and support causes important to all women. In her true giving nature, our founding mother answered the call to give back to others and create a brand whose mission is built on this very foundation and inspiration she carries. Join us in raising a glass in celebration of all that mothers do! 

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Details about our Mother's Retreat Wine Club coming soon! 

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From Surfer Girl to Soccer Mom

Our Founder, Elizabeth, was the typical surfer girl with her dog and a yellow pickup truck that would carry her surf board to the beach where she enjoyed the sand, waves, and sun of Southern California. While attending the University of California, Elizabeth also found inspiration and retreat in the rolling hills and vineyards of Santa Barbara. It was there between the land and the sea that she found her balance. The creation of Mother's Retreat was inspired by a passion to help others find balance. 

Now a mother of five, Elizabeth, is very familiar with the trials and tribulations of the day-to-day routine.  Spending most of her days wearing the many hats of motherhood, she was always looking for the few minutes of "me time" and even a moment of peace in her hectic day, often leading to her enjoying a glass of wine at the end of the day. Besides her family, one of her passions is making memories with friends with enjoying a glass of wine. Combining the things she loves most, family and wine, with a desire to pay it forward and share these perfect moments with other women is what ultimately led to the creation of Mother's Retreat. 

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